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North Charleston, South Carolina, United States
$ 100.00

Selling headlight, headlight bracket (stay 1), mirrors, and handle bar sliders from my 2009 Yamaha FZ6R. I converted it to a street fighter so I have parts that I would like to get rid of that I have no use for. Some people get confused about headlight brackets, but if you were to refer to the official Yamaha schematics, it is known as Stay 1 (deprecated part number: 36P-28356-00-00 / current part number: 36P-28356-01-00). I would like to sell all of the parts together. If they are purchased together, I will sell for $100. Otherwise they are priced separately below.

Headlight: $70
Bracket: $50
Mirrors: $20
Handle Bar ends/sliders: $10
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