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Chicago, United States
$ 60,602.00

Well maintained.
Starts and runs well.

Very old re-paint in excellent condition.
Original gas tanks.
Original luggage rack.
Original mufflers, according to '49 advertising photos.
Original oil tank/battery box has been chromed.
Original tool box has been chromed.
New leather seat about 25 years ago, like new.
Original 'sergeant stripes' on rear fender.
Original 'tombstone' taillight, which was introduced by Harley on this model. The original glass lens is cracked across the middle as they are commonly are.
Original front fender trim.
Original front fender ornament (glass lens).
Original police spot lights.
Original stainless steel rocker lids.
Original stainless air cleaner cover.
Original stainless steel distributor cover.
Original stainl
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